555 Stainless Steel Milk Pan

555 Stainless Steel Milk Pan

Brand: 555 Stainless Steel Wholesaler Singapore

Stock Code / Model: 01-1312




Product details

555 stainless steel milk pans are ideal for heating up milk, sauces or soups in the home or professional kitchen. The spout makes pouring liquids a breeze, without fear of spillage or dripping. The sturdy stainless steel construction delivers a lifetime of use with proper cleaning and maintenance, and can be used on a variety of stove types whether it's gas, induction, electric or halogen.


555 Stainless Steel Milk Pan 12cm
  • Stock Code: 01-1312
  • Capacity: 450ml
  • Diameter: 12cm
  • Height: 6cm
  • Net Weight: 240g

555 Stainless Steel Milk Pan 14cm
  • Stock Code: 01-1314
  • Capacity:
  • Diameter: 14cm
  • Height: 6.5cm
  • Net Weight:

555 Stainless Steel Milk Pan 16cm
  • Stock Code: 01-1316
  • Capacity:
  • Diameter: 16cm
  • Height: 7cm
  • Net Weight:


  • Strong and Highly Durable (proper care of cookware ensures lifetime performance)
  • Non-reactive (ideal for acidic or alkaline food)
  • Hygienic Non-Porous Surface
  • Easy to Clean and Sanitise
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Induction-Friendly (can be used on a wide range of induction cookers and hobs)
  • Finely Polished Shiny Finish

​Proper Care for Your Cookware

  • Always wash your cookware with a non -abrasive cleaning pad and mild detergent. Never use chlorine cleansers or bleach as they could blur the shiny layer of the cookware. Keep dry after wash.
  • Do not allow salty or acidic foods to remain on cookware for long periods of time
  • To remove burnt-on foods, soak and wash in warm water. Use stainless steel cleanser with a nylon scouring pad on stubborn stains.
  • To remove mineral deposit stains such as those left by calcium in your water, add a small amount of vinegar with hot water in your cookware. Wash after 30 minutes.
  • Heat tint is a rainbow-like discolouration that may be caused by high heat. Remove with stainless steel cleanser.